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    Gas Fireplace Logs - Repair, Installation and Maintenance

      If you have a gas firelog problem, we know just what it takes to get it fixed, and fixed right the first time! Many times, we'll even have the necessary parts on-hand to get it fixed quickly. (Standard disclaimer applies: Not all fireplace logs are created equal, so we'll sometimes have to order parts.)

    At A&W Heat-Air, our Owasso heating technicians are equipped to handle new gas fireplace log installations and upgrades to existing systems. If you are interested in installing a gas fireplace log in your home, call us any time.

    Have your gas logs been running fine for awhile and are now starting to show signs of getting old? We can service your gas logs to help maintain their health.

    As log sets get older, build-up of dust, dirt, soot, and debris occurs in burners, pilots and other parts of the system. Over time, the heat can break down the metals and cause the system to smoke, burn erratically, and cause sooting on the glass.

    We have been servicing gas logs in the Owasso, Ok, Tulsa and surrounding areas for many years. We check and clean the pilot assembly, making sure the electrodes are clean and providing the proper connections to ensure a smooth and proper flame. Direct vent units with the glass fronts are removed and cleaned removing soot and dust that accumulates over time.

    That, and much more comes with our service!

    Let us handle all your gas fireplace log needs!

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